Building a Mental Foundation

When creating my unique, intimate, coaching program for women there were so many areas that I wanted to work on with my clients. I had various goals and so many standards. Knowing that I have the ability to help women accomplish many great things left my program pretty open-ended when it came to possible results.


While this type of program would be amazing for women who are ready to dive into health and nutrition and fitness and meditation, it would not have been great for me when I first stepped into my own health journey.


Many of us who have started living a healthier life have done just that. Started. It’s all fun and games until the anxieties come back, until life takes over, work calls for overtime hours or one of the kids breaks an arm. We work out for weeks and then nothing. We give up, we forget why we started in the first place.


Through my training as a Health & Life Coach and my own personal experience with anxiety, depression and self-doubt, I have realized that with no sturdy foundation, there can be no health journey, let alone a consistent one. Without clarity around the goals you desire, confidence to go get those goals and unshakable self-worth, we will undeniably give up again and again.

That is why I have created my program around building a mental foundation. Throughout your coaching, you will gain clarity around what it is that you want and why, expose the limiting beliefs and experiences that have kept you from having those things and recognize the self-worth you deserve in order to move forward. This program is designed to fit your specific needs and wants and is available for women 13 and older!

Carlee Ciaffone, Founder

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