Year One

making 2021 the healthiest year of your life

Have you thought about hiring a coach or a therapist before, but have made an excuse not to?

Do you have areas of your mental, emotional or physical health that you want to work on but feel like you don't have time?

Are you currently doing everything in your power to grow and change as a person?

Welcome to Year One.

This refreshing, new coaching program has been designed to give clients the freedom and flexibility to grow in unique ways. Through monthly, virtual health workshops, daily accountability for your specific goals, one one one sessions and group goal setting classes, clients will gain clarity on what it is that they really want and will be given the support and tactics to attain those things. 

Year One Membership includes:

monthly virtual mental health workshops (group sessions)

monthly one on one coaching calls

(individual sessions)

365 daily journal prompts

private Facebook Group weekly accountability

The Change Concept Workbook

registration for Year One will end on December 15, 2020

Carlee Ciaffone, Founder

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