The Growth Group Program

Our new program is up and running, ready to connect with you and your teens!

This group will strive to aid girls and young women come into their full potential. 


Our goal is to give our students a sense of close community & new friendships while coaching them on independence, creative freedom, self-worth and individuality. 


Through our intensive workshops, these girls and young women will work through navigating through life’s obstacles, diving deep into their passions and cultivating new ideas and leadership in their communities.


This program might be for you if…


  • You are between the ages of 12 & 18 years old and are balancing school and/or other activities that sometimes feel like a lot.

  • You are passionate about something, ANYTHING but don’t exactly know how to harness all of that energy!

  • You are inspired to make a difference in this world

  • You want to work on having more confidence and believing in yourself

  • You haven’t exactly found who or what works for you yet but you are ready to take life head on and try new things


If The Growth Group Program sounds like the right fit for you or your teenager, click the link below to send an inquiry! Can't wait to see you at our first virtual workshop!

Carlee Ciaffone, Founder

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