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Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Welcome to our safe space. Change can be rough. Actually, change can be brutal. It's crazy that in a world that is constantly changing, we feel so much safer staying the same. You may be stuck in the same habits, confined to the same mindset, or scared to move outside of your comfort zone. These things that have remained consistent in our lives for so long have existed because they make us feel safe. They make us feel at home.

“Don't let the concept of change scare you as much as the prospect of remaining unhappy."- Unknown

Before I founded TCC I was lost. I was trying to better myself but no practices were sticking. I listened to the podcasts, read all the books, repeated all of the affirmations and went to conferences and events. I fell in love with personal development and helping other people achieve it, but couldn't quite get it down myself. It's super easy to tell someone how wonderful they are, how deserving they are of happiness and to help them get started in bettering their life, but I finally realized that until I did the work on myself, I was in no place to be helping others.

I started to make decisions for myself that I now see should have been made years earlier. I stopped drinking and smoking (the biggest life changing decision I have made so far). I started going to therapy. I made a promise to myself that I would do one practice to benefit my physical, emotional and mental health every single day.

I forced myself to meditate, journal, wake up earlier, work out, drink more water, etc... forcing something is not always the best way to go about forming new habits, but in my case, I needed to be diligent with myself or I would lose progress in the midst of my crazy work schedule.

I started to feel different. Not all my new feelings were positive, which bothered me to no end. With my new habits came frustrations, new emotions, restlessness, and confusion. How was I supposed to help women take care of themselves when I am struggling so bad with staying away from alcohol and waking up before 8 am?

It finally dawned on me that women are not looking to learn from someone perfect. Women are looking for connection. We crave togetherness and to be understood. So many of us want to get healthy and feel energized and happy but we have no one in our lives pushing us to do so.

I am building a community. A community of girls and women who support each others happiness and motivate each other to be the best versions of themselves. This positive group of women will be an online family of motivated individuals that offer each other guidance and compassion. The Change Concept understands that change is not easy. I want to provide tactics and information to the women of this community to help us all stay healthy and happy together.

I hope that you will join us in starting the rest of our beautiful lives together here at The Change Concept. Subscribe to our website to read all of our new posts, purchase our workbooks and meet other women who are excited as you are to change their lives.

Happy Changing,


Founder, The Change Concept

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